ARTICLE 1.-Legal Regime.
All relations derived from the hospitality services that the guest receives from the Nueva Vida de Ramiro Hotel, shall be controlled by the Code of Commerce and, in a supplemental manner, by the applicable sections of the Civil Code: by the Federal Tourism Act and its Internal Regulations which provisions are mandatory, known and accepted by the guest, being visible at each room for them to see.

ARTICLE 2.- Guest check-in and identification.
The guest must check-in and write down the names of the persons in his/her party, filling personally the registration sheet determined by this company. The Hotel may refuse hospitality to any guests failing to meet this requirement and is authorized to demand, if it deems convenient, the identification of the same and the members of his/her party.

ARTICLE 3.- Hospitality period.
The guest, in agreement with the Company, shall specify on the check-in sheet the number of days he/she will stay at the hotel. The period of one day is considered in the contract as the time unit, and such day will expire at 12:00 hours of each day. When a period for the hospitality has been defined upon check-in, it will be understood that the contracted hospitality is for a single day and any stays for longer periods is considered as implicit and voluntary extensions of the 24:00 hours, with our without prior notice to the guest.

ARTICLE 4.- Rate Payment by the Guest.
The guest must promptly pay the amount of his/her bill with the Company, open upon the check-in. The hospitality rate is clearly posted for the public to see at the Reception desk and on the hotel’s web page, The guest may guarantee he said payment with a promissory note (voucher) of some Credit Card accepted by the Hotel, so long as it is approved by the banking system issuing the card; if it is turned down, the guest must then pay in cash, otherwise vacating the room immediately. If the guest has signed an open voucher to guarantee the credit of his/her consumptions, he/she must recover it and make sure it is destroyed upon cancelling his/her account at the Reception’s Cashier, in order to avoid duplicity in the form of payment and possible misuse of one of these. Failure by the guest to make payment upon request shall bring forth cessation of the hospitality service, the hotel being authorized to retain the luggage in guaranty. Guests leaving the room after the time set by the Hotel must then pay the amount for hospitality corresponding to another day.

ARTICLE 5.- For security reasons
No stoves, candles or any other sources of fire are allowed in the rooms. No pets of any kind are allowed. You are in a natural environment so, bringing foods into your room will attract wildlife and if thyis happens, it will be the guest’s total responsibility.

ARTICLE 6.- Loss of Valuables
The Nueva Vida de Ramiro Hotel shall not be responsible for he loss of Money or any type of guest’s personal valuables. Each room has a safety box. For larger objects, the Hotel can keep the belongings in a place designed for this purpose at the Reception Office.

ARTICLE 7.- Charges
a) Charge for loss of only:a.- the room key: US$ 15; b.- the key chain: US$ 50, or the equivalent in local currency at the bank sale rate of exchange on the date of payment, which shall be charged to your account; for each lost or soiled towel: US$ 35 or the equivalent in local currency at the bank sale rate of exchange on the date of payment, which shall be charged to your account. Please do not remove white towels outside your room, you are provided colored towels for the beach; d.- ANY ELECTRIC DAMAGE CAUSED TO THE SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM WILL HAVE A MINIMUM COST OF us$ 3,000 OR THE EQUIVALENT IN LOCAL CURRENCY AT THE BANK SALE RATE OF EXCHANGE ON THE DATE OF PAYMENT; e.- The charge for food and beverage room or beach service has an additional cost of 15%. In the case of the breakfast, which is included, this service is not considered, so that 15% of the Continental breakfast price will be charged.

ARTICLE 8.- Other Guest’s Obligations.
It is strictly forbidden for the guests to:
a) Make noises that bother other people, cause strife, bring in musicians, bring in animals and, in general, undertake any action that disturbs or bothers other guests.
b) Use the room for chance games prohibited by Law or hold meetings with the purpose to alter the public order or disobey or alter the current laws or regulations.
c) Use the electric power and the appliances in the room for purposes other than those for which they were designed. Government and Hotel’s safety measures strictly forbid the use of irons, curlers, dryers and other appliances which might cause fire or damage to our solar and wind power system so that we must permanently control the use of electric power, which is why there are no electric outlets in the rooms and is thus strictly forbidden to make any changes to the hotel’s installations, as well as connection of electric devices in the room, such as irons, hair dryers, electric shavers, etc. This way, we pretend to avert damages to the system that would result in detriment to all guests.
d) Damage the furniture and fixtures, decoration or property of the Hotel, or dedicate the same to an improper purpose.
e) Undertake any action that cause damage or harm to the Hotel or to the other guests, or that is against decorum or good personal behavior. Whenever the foregoing prohibitions are trespassed, the Company reserves the right to terminate the hospitality service without the guest having any right whatsoever to a reduction in his debt for hospitality or other services received, being bound, in addition, to the payment of indemnity for the damages and harm caused by his/her conduct.

ARTICLE 9.- Room keys and other
All guests:
a.- Shall leave their room keys at the front desk whenever leaving the hotel. In addition to:
b.- May not have persons sleeping in their rooms other than those registered and, in any case, they shall give prior notice to the front-desk regarding any variation in the number or identification of the originally registered persons.
c.- In no case shall the number of persons staying in each room be larger that the capacity assigned for the Company for each room. Children from 5 years and older, are considered as extra persons. The Hotel may charge to the guest’s account any extra expenses it might have incurred for the removal of equipment and materials that the room may have for the exclusive use service, such as towels, sheets, blankets, etc.
d.- All guests must inform the Hotel Reception about any contagious illnesses or diseases: ill health conditions, trespasses or offenses taking place in the premises, so that the Company may in turn, take the necessary actions and report to the competent authorities.

ARTICLE 10.- Accidents in the Federal Beach area
The hotel shall not be responsible for what happens to the guests in the Federal Beach Area or in the sea, the guest being totally responsible for any accidents or events he/she may suffer on the Federal Beach Area and in the sea.

ARTICLE 11.- Company´s obligations.
In the provision of its hospitality services, it shall perform strictly as agreed, according to the room´s nature and the rules following the current use and practice in this area and those indicated in the applicable Laws and Regulations.

ARTICLE 12.- Sundry provisions.
b) Visitors.- The Company does not authorize access to the rooms occupied by the guests to any person who is not registered unless previously or expressly authorized by the guest and, even with authorized persons, the Hotel reserves the right to not allow visits of other persons into the room.
c) Hotel employees providing services inherent to hospitality will have access to the rooms occupied by the guests, when the service itself so requires. Visits, searches, inspections and all other operations that the authorities pretend to carry out within the rooms in the fulfillment of their jobs, will be done with the strictest observation of Constitutional Guarantees.
d) We charge the batteries from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM so that power service may be interrupted to the rooms within that schedule.
e) Minor children.- Children must not leave the room by themselves, nor walk around or run on the pathways and public areas of the hotel, nor go up an down the stairs of other units different than the one occupied by the family, tamper with a firefighting equipment, etc. Children must always be accompanied by an adult, who will be responsible for any accidents suffered or caused by these minor children.
f) Public areas within the hotel and Federal Beach Area.- Use of the hotel facilities is exclusive for the registered guests at the premises. To that end, the Hotel has a Beach Concession Title issued by SEMARNAT # , making the observation that the Hotel does not have a lifeguard, so that guests swim at their own risk and protection, recommending that all minors swim under the supervision of an adult person, refrain from going into the sea before dawn or after dusk, or practice extreme sports.
g) Parking.-The hotel has a parking area indicated for each room, the guests being entitled to use it at no cost whatsoever, but any losses to their belongings left inside the car or any damage suffered by same shall be the sole responsibility of the guest.
h) Security.- Necessary measures have been taken on the premises to avoid any events occurring within the public areas of the Hotel during the night hours.
i) Leave and Return.-Any guests who wish to leave the Hotel but keep the rented room at their disposal, shall cover in advance the full amount of the rate for the whole time of their absence. After this period has elapsed and if no new payments are made, we shall proceed according to articles 3 and 4.

ARTICLE 9.- Luggage as guarantee
Luggage and all other property introduced by the guests into the premises shall be considered as personal property of the person who does the check-in and may respond preferably for all debts which for the concept of hospitality, complementary services and other consumptions are incurred by the persons included in the corresponding registration sheet, if accepted at the time by the hotel. All property may be retained as guarantee by the hotel, pursuant to the precept indicated in articles 3 and 4 of these Bylaws. After 30 days from the date when the bill should have been covered, the hotel may auction out the clothing and sell the luggage through a Public Broker, being sufficient for this purpose to file an affidavit with a list of clothing and luggage in the presence of two employees who will sign as witnesses.

ARTICLE 10.-Comments and Complaints about the Service
All suggestions or congratulations regarding the services of the Hotel will be directed to the hotel management, the same as in the case of complaints. We ask you to please make your complaints and suggestions in writing so we can improve our services.

ARTICLE 11.-Invoices. The Reception front desk will issue the receipt or detailed invoice of the services provided and the total amount payable. Whenever it is requested to break down the V.A.T., the guest will present first a copy of his/her Tax Registration Card.

ARTICLE 12.- Refusal of service
In the provision of the services by the hotel, there will not be any discrimination whatsoever by reason of sex, political or religious beliefs, nationality or social condition, however, the hotel does reserve the right of admittance. The hotel may refuse providing its services whenever the guest appears in a state of alcoholic intoxication, under the influx of drugs or narcotics or else when their luggage contains animals or there is the intent to use the service for different purposes.

ARTICLE 13.- Reservations
“Room reservation” is a preparatory agreement to hospitality which is completed when the negotiation is accepted and the guest’s request is confirmed in writing and the latter ratifies his/her request, complying with the obligations established, being necessary to make a deposit in advance for 50% of the amount of the requested hospitality, with the advance timing and conditions indicated by the hotel, being able to guarantee payment with a credit card at the time of check-in, so long as it is approved by the banking system issuing the same and because it has sufficient credit available. Reservations will be honored for a reasonable period of time after the time of arrival agreed with the guests. The said tolerance shall be communicated at the time of making the corresponding reservation. Should the Company be unable for reasons outside its control, to honor the guests’ reservation, the hotel will try to get hospitality for the requester at other similar-category establishment. In case of evacuation for hurricane, the Hotel shall lodge guests at other hotel facilities with which it has an agreement and which are accepted as hurricane shelter by the local Department of Civil Protection. In the foregoing case, the cost of the rooms at the shelter shall be covered by the Hotel. There shall be no reduction in the rates contracted by the guests.

ARTICLE 14.-Cancellations and Amends
Upon canceling or amending of reservations, the customers have the right to a refund of their deposit, less a 15% administrative expense charge, in the following conditions:

a) So long as the cancellation arrives to the Reservations Department via e-mail
b) Refund will be made through PayPal
c) 100% - 15%: = 30 days prior to the check-in date
d) 75% - 15%, 29 days prior to the check-in date
e) 50% - 15%, 14 to 2 days prior to the check-in date
f) 0% . 1 day prior to the check-in date.
g) Company’s cancellation policies will not apply in the holiday season from December 15 to January 6, or during holiday weekends when there will be no refund whatsoever.
h) In case of cancellation due to hurricane, other natural casualties or for other reasons outside the control of the Hotel, 100% of the deposited amount will be applied to another reservation date.
i) Customers with reservations who fail to use the hospitality on the reserved date and who fail to communicated their cancellation at least 24 hours in advance, shall forfeit their deposit (no-show).

ARTICLE 15.-Medical service
Should a guest fall ill during his/her stay at the Hotel, the Reception shall assist him/her calling the hotel doctor for an examination. Medical fees and the decisions of the physician and the guest, regarding transfer, hospitalization, prescription drugs, etc., shall be the exclusive responsibility of the guest. The Company will not be responsible whatsoever for the physician’s recommendations.

ARTICLE 16.- Liability.
Pursuant to Mexican Official Standard (NOM-07-TUR-2002), the Hotel has Liability Insurance which covers any harm to third parties in their persons and their property.

Both parties agree that the rights and obligations arising from the hospitality and the use of the hotel’s facilities by THE GUEST, are subject to the provisions in the House Rules of the same, which are posted in a frame inside your room, as well as in the webpage www,tulumnv,com wherein your requested and contracted the services and which has been likewise, sent to you attached to the confirmation receipt.

The House Rules contain important legal provisions that the guest is bound to learn and accept when checking-in at the Hotel.

If the said House Rules could not be found at any of the three aforementioned sites for any reason, or if there was any doubt or concern about the same, you can always request a written copy from the Hotel Manager.