Frequently Asked Questios

Can we pay the balance with credit card at the hotel?

Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, debit cards charging the amount in Mexican pesos and cash Pesos or Dollars. If you want to use American Express, you can ask for a PayPal request which accepts Amex as well as Discover.

Do you have hairdryers in your bathrooms?

No. The hotel is powered by solar and aeolic energy. The use of any appliances with resistance will cause a blackout in your room and may cause serious problems in our alternative energy system.

Are there outlets in the bedrooms?

Yes, all bedrooms have at least one outlet for our guests to charge their computers, tablets and phones.

Do you have wifi in the rooms?

Yes, most of our rooms have wifi for basic functions like checking emails and facebook, it will not be strong enough for downloading movies, music or playing games online. In the bungalows closer to the ocean the signal will be a little weak if the hotel is busy, should you need a strong signal you are welcome to the reception.

We arrive late at night, will there be someone to welcome us?

Yes. Front desk hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. If guests arrive after this time, one of our security guards will take them to their room and check-in would be done the next day.

Do you have transportation service from the airport?

No. But feel free to contact us to give you the best transportation options.

Do you rent bycicles?

Yes. We work with a rental company that brings the bikes to our hotel. THe price is U$ 12.00 for 24 hours

Do you organize tours?

We do not organize them ourselves, we partner with several tour agencies focused on small groups for a more private experience. We will inform you the best tours depending on what you are looking for and we set you up with the best.

Do you have air conditioning?

Yes we only have 5 rooms with A/C working during the night for sleep from 21:00 to 8:00.

Do you have pool?

No, pool would require the excess use of power plants which we minimize to avoid contamination.

Is your restaurant on the beach?

No. Casa Banana was designed on purpose on the other side of the road for the complete intimacy, quitness and privacy of our guests, but it has exclusive service to the beach for Nueva Vida de Ramiro's guests. Also, since we are a major promotor of the conservation of marine turtles, which look for darkness to lay their eggs, hence the terrace lights of our beachfront bungalows are changed to red, a color turtles do not see.